Switching to Ent

Congratulations on making the switch to Ent!

Use these forms to simplify changing your direct deposit and automatic payments to Ent, and to close your prior account(s).

For assistance in switching financial institutions, visit your local Ent service center or contact an Ent member service representative at (719) 574-1100 or 800-525-9623.

  • Change your Direct Deposit – Complete the direct deposit form and submit it to any company or organization you want to automatically deposit funds into your Ent Checking Account.
  • Switch your Automatic Payments – Complete the automatic payment form and present it to the appropriate company, including vendors, insurance and utility companies, and any other organizations that you choose to set up for automatic debit from your account.
  • Close your Account – Before closing your old account, verify that all checks have cleared and all automatic payments are now being debited from your Ent Checking Account. Then, submit the close account form to your prior financial institution.

Don’t have time to fill out forms? Let us complete them for you. Ask us how.

For added security, you may have checks, debit cards and deposit slips from your previous financial institution shredded at any Ent Service Center.


The switch process requires that an Ent Checking Account is currently open and in good standing and lists all authorized signers who are recipients of direct deposits or initiating authorized payments. Processing of the enclosed forms may take up to 30 days by the originating financial institution.