Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Ent’s Board of Directors represents the interests of you, our member-owners, and works with the management team to improve your financial quality of life.


Ronald P. Martinez, CFA

Pam Nicholson
Vice Chairman

William Ayen

Chris Vadala

Debbie Chandler

Tim Drummer

Walter R. Glover

Richard A. Kalletta

Meredith Vaughan

Board Compensation Policy

Supervisory Committee:

  • Sheri Trumpfheller, Chairman
  • Megan Leatham
  • Dan Lemack
  • Jesse Ortiz

Senior Management:

  • Chad Graves, Chief Executive Officer  
  • Matt Gendron, Chief Engagement Officer
  • Rich Scholes, Chief Experience Officer
  • Mollie Bell, Chief Development Officer
  • William Vogeney, Chief Revenue Officer
  • MJ Coon, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jon Paukovich, Chief Lending Officer 
  • Chris Marshall, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jennifer Sussman, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Bob Kellner, Chief Risk Officer

Senior Vice Presidents:

  • Sharie Flanagan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Vice Presidents:

  • Jeff Wilkins, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
  • Ron Kimball, Vice President of Security
  • Skip Wells, Vice President of Education
  • Dan Leclerc, Vice President of Finance and Treasury
  • Liz Finn, Vice President of Center Operations
  • Travis Dodge, Vice President of Investment Services
  • Tanan Miles, Vice President of Electronic Banking
  • Casey Perkins, Vice President of Consumer Lending
  • Liz Killen-Scott, Vice President of Organizational Development and Engagement
  • Mike Steppenbacker, Vice President of Corporate Banking and Wealth Management
  • John Fede, Vice President of Technology Services
  • Curt Marjaniemi, Vice President of Information Technology Business Services
  • Sara McKinney, Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Jason Piet, Vice President of Operational Risk