Information Security and Fraud Prevention

Scammers are targeting local bank customers and credit union members — including Ent members — in a fake caller ID phone scam. Ent will never CALL YOU and ask for your: PIN, online banking username/password, full Social Security number, CVV2 code or verification code.
 Security Alert: Phishing

Members have notified us of a suspicious email that directs them to a fake Online Banking site in an attempt to collect member log in credentials.

If you have received a suspicious email concerning your account, do not respond to it in any way. If you have received an email and you provided personal information, please notify us immediately at 800-525-9623 so we can take the proper steps to ensure your security.

As a reminder, Ent and its affiliates, vendors and regulators will never ask you to verify your account number, Social Security Number, debit or credit card number, PIN, Online Banking credentials or any other sensitive financial information via email, telephone or SMS text message.

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Online Banking Mobile Ecommerce 2 Factor Authentication App
 Quick Lesson 2 min read

Multifactor Authentication

We're routinely enhancing our online security measures to help keep your account safe. 

Close up of personal information form with confidential stamp
 Expanded Lesson 5 min read

Protect Your Identity

Be proactive in safeguarding your sensitive, personal and confidential information. Protecting this information makes it difficult for someone to assume your identity to commit fraud or other criminal acts. Focus on best practices in these areas to help keep your information safe:

Portrait of a couple with financial problems looking at document in financial adviser's office.
 Expanded Lesson 5 min read

What is Unemployment Fraud? Unemployment Insurance Fraud on the Rise

Since the pandemic, unemployment insurance fraud has been increasing. If you have been the victim of fraud, read this article for steps to take. 

A woman sits at her dining room table with laptop and financial reports doing her monthly budget. She is smiling at the ease of use as she works on her smart phone banking app to do monthly finances, pay taxes and save money for the future.
 Expanded Lesson 6 min read

Protect Your Devices

Many of us store personal, sensitive and confidential information on our digital devices. This makes them an attractive target for scammers and criminals. Follow best practices in these areas to help keep your devices secure:

 Quick Lesson

Video: Keys to a Strong Password

Creating a strong password is the first step in protecting your online banking account from unauthorized access. Follow these tips to help create a strong password.

Male hand holding a smartphone with unknown caller displayed on screen. Privacy, fraud, cybercrime and spying concepts
 Quick Lesson 3 min read

Caller ID Scam - Don't Be Fooled

Scammers are using fake financial institution caller IDs to call and ask people for their banking and personal information. Bank customers and credit union members — including Ent members — are being targeted. Our members have reported getting calls that look like they're from Ent Federal or a specific Ent service center. 

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