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Protect Your Account: Secure online banking tools and how to protect your account

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Ent’s online and mobile banking systems offer multiple fast and easy ways to monitor and control access to your account, helping you watch for fraudulent transactions and providing you with piece of mind. The more quickly and easily you can spot a fraudulent transaction – and alert your financial institution to have it resolved – the less stress and impact it could have on your day-to-day financial activity. Here are a few online banking features we recommend for protecting your accounts:

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Online Banking Features to Help Protect Your Accounts

Transaction History

When you log in to online or mobile banking, your transaction history automatically displays. It is generally a good idea to check your transaction history and review your accounts on a regular basis, once a month at a minimum. To easily review your recent transactions, you can sort your transaction history by:

  • Description
  • Check Number
  • Amount

 Account Control Services

The Services menu has several options to help you take full advantage of your account. Several of these help keep your account secure. 

  • Stop Payment: If a check is lost or stolen, either from your mailbox or en-route to a payee, you can place a stop payment on a single check or a range of checks, by check number.
  • Reset Quick Balance: If your phone is lost or stolen you can use this to reset the quick balance feature on the mobile app, keeping your account balances private.


The Alerts menu allows you to keep an eye on your accounts without logging in and can be set up to notify you by email, text message, or push notification.

  • Balance Alert: Set this alert to notify you know when a balance drops below or exceeds a specified amount. By keeping track of your balance you will know when unexpected transactions take place. 
  • Transaction Alert: Alerts you when a transaction occurs. You have the ability to filter by transaction type and transaction amount. For example, if you generally do not spend more than $100, an alert can be set up that sends a text if a transaction occurs in excess of $100.

My Profile

The My Profile menu allows you to control your information on file with the credit union. If you suspect your username, password, security profile or call center password may have been compromised; they may be reset in this menu. It is also a good idea to routinely update your online passwords to keep your account secure.


For answers to specific questions about online or mobile banking, please give us a call or visit your nearest service center.

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