You have options. You set the terms.

A certificate offers security, higher returns and options that fit your timeline.


New to saving? Try these great starter certificates!

My Savings Starter   Certificate

Min. Deposit
6- to 12-Month
How It Works

Make saving simple! Get started with just $25 and add to your certificate at any time with no penalties. Set up auto-transfer to save even more!

Special Features

Make additional deposits

My Savings Builder   Certificate

Min. Deposit
How It Works

Build your savings fast! Requires monthly automatic transfers of at least $5 from another Ent account and auto-renews until you reach a max balance of $1,000.  

Special Features

Make additional deposits


Under 18? Get even better rates with a Youth Certificate. Learn More

Common Questions

A certificate is an account that allows you to store your money for a set number of months and earn dividends on that cash. Generally, the longer you keep the money in your account (i.e. the longer the term), the higher rate you can earn. You will usually not be able to access the money in this account before the end of the term. At maturity, your certificate will automatically renew for the same term length you chose originally.

A certificate has matured when it reaches the end of its term. At maturity, you can remove your funds from the account and access all the dividends you earned. Just make sure you notify us before maturity, so your money doesn’t automatically renew.

The rate for a regular certificate will remain the same through the entire term. If rates go up or down during that time, your account will not be affected. If you select a priority certificate you will gain several advantages. First, you can use a one-time rate bump1 when rates increase in the middle of your term. Second, you have the option to add funds one-time during the first year of the term2. Finally, you can even withdraw money one time of up to 50% of the balance before the term has ended.

If you put at least the minimum deposit into the account and do not touch your funds for the length of the term, you won’t have to worry about penalties or fees. A penalty is imposed if funds are withdrawn before the maturity date. See full details in Ent’s Certificate Disclosure under Important Account Information.

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APY - Annual Percentage Yield


The calculator utilizes an average of 30.42 days per month in its calculation.

Account qualifications apply. Please review Ent's Important Account Information and Fee Schedule for more information.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) annual contribution limits apply. Penalties may apply for early withdrawal. Penalties could reduce your earnings. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.




Allows a member to change the dividend rate once during the term to the current Priority Certificate Rate.




Allows the member to add to the certificate once within the first year with an additional minimum deposit of $1,000.




Allows the member a one-time withdrawal of up to 50% of the current balance during the term without an early withdrawal penalty.