Overdraft Protection

Ent's Overdraft Protection

Ent offers two ways you can protect yourself from the occasional overdraft.


Overdraft Transfers

With Ent's free overdraft transfers, you can select one or more of your Ent accounts to be used as a source of funds in the event you overdraw your checking account.

  • All Ent accounts are eligible to be used as overdraft transfer sources. 
  • When using a personal line of credit as an overdraft source, transfers are made in increments of $100.


Set up or manage your overdraft transfer sources within online banking, at a service center or by contacting us at (719) 574-1100 or 800-525-9623.

Courtesy Pay

Opt in to Ent’s Courtesy Pay service to protect your checking account from overdrafts on everyday debit card transactions.

  • Courtesy Pay covers debit card overdrafts of up to $300 for a $30 per item fee.
  • If you decide not to opt-in to Courtesy Pay, debit card transactions that could overdraw your account will be declined.

Opt In to Courtesy Pay at any service center.

Program Information

  • To be eligible, accounts must have less than twelve (12) non-sufficient fund (NSF) items per calendar year, have no loans that are five (5) days or more past due, and have less than ten (10) paid Courtesy Pay items for the current month.
  • Courtesy Pay is not a line of credit and will be discontinued for the current month if the checking account is not brought positive within five (5) days and must be repaid within thirty (30) days of the account being overdrawn.
  • Using Courtesy Pay as the primary means of protecting your account from becoming overdrawn is the most expensive form of overdraft protection.
  • Courtesy Pay is automatically offered on your check items and automatic bill payments based on available account balance.

For detailed information on Courtesy Pay, Overdraft Liability and Overdraft Protection, review the “Transaction Authorizations” and “Overdraft” sections in Ent’s Important Account Information disclosure.