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From the CEO

Introducing the New Ent Extras®
— Get Rewarded for Saving

Members are owners at Ent, so we’ve reimagined the Ent Extras program to best serve you. In 2020, we're offering even more benefits for doing business with us. And because we’re focused on your financial success, it’s also designed to encourage good savings habits.

You’ll get:

  • Higher monthly rates on your savings and checking accounts.
    • Up to 4.00% APY* for Ent Extras Checking on your first $500
    • Up to 6.00% APY* for your Ent Extras Savings on your first $500
    • All balances of more than $500 will also earn dividends at posted rates
  • Ent Extras Cash Rewards** — up to $700 a year.
    • Earn up to $350 for your loan balances
    • Earn up to $350 for your deposit balances (excluding checking)

Every month that you’re opted in helps maximize your annual Ent Extras Cash Reward (paid in early 2021).

To take advantage of the new Ent Extras program, you need to take an easy but important step: opt in to the new Ent Extras Checking and Savings accounts. The earlier you opt in, the sooner your rewards start to add up.

Three easy ways to opt in:

  • Log in to online banking
  • Call us at (719) 574-1100 or 800-525-9623
  • Visit your nearest service center

You can find the full Ent Extras program details at

As always, we value your membership, and hope you enjoy the improved rewards that membership brings!


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Chad Graves
Chief Executive Officer


*APY – Annual Percentage Yield.
An Ent Extras Savings account will earn 5.84% and Checking account 3.93% dividend rates on the first $500 average daily balance and the current dividend rate on any balance over $500. To earn this rate a member must opt in to both the Ent Extras Savings and Checking account and have five (5) debit or credit transactions on the checking account each month.
**Ent Extras Cash Rewards are based on a cumulative average of the monthly average daily balance up to a cap of $350,000 resulting in a maximum payout of $350 on deposits and $350 on loans at the .10% payout rate.
Restrictions apply. Program may be changed or terminated at Ent’s sole discretion.

In the spirit of the credit union “member first” motto, supervisory committees ensure fiscal best practices are followed and serve as your member advocate.

Ent’s Supervisory Committee currently includes five volunteers with diverse backgrounds including higher education, nonprofits, sworn civil service and IT. They were purposefully selected for their varied skill sets, unique perspectives and an unhesitating confidence to ask questions.

While their main role is to oversee the audit of Ent’s more than 70 different areas, they also serve as the members’ voice, eyes and ears to ensure your interests are best served. If you have a concern about the overall safety and soundness of the credit union, the supervisory committee is your resource. As warranted, the committee can initiate reviews on your behalf regarding Ent’s policies, operations, compliance, ethics or financial security.

Appointed to three-year terms, each committee member is committed to acting in good faith and with integrity by promoting transparency and placing your interests first. They are Ent members in good standing who are willing and able to attend monthly meetings, and over three years, complete 100 hours of education through classes, seminars and self-learning. One hundred hours is no small task for full-time working individuals, but they do it to give back to their community and fellow members like you.

Along with our conservative fiscal policies, the supervisory committee has helped support the kind of financial performance that earned Ent a #11 national ranking on S & P Global’s “Best-performing credit unions of 2018” list. To contact the supervisory committee, use the ‘Contact Us’ link on and include ‘Supervisory Committee’ in the subject of your email or phone message.

Ent's Home Buying SeminarsEnt offers free seminars and events designed to help you better manage your money.

Learn the skills needed when buying a home to improve your financial quality of life. View the full schedule and register online at

In order to better serve you as we expand, we need an online experience that grows with us. To improve the functionality of our website and create a better user experience for current and prospective members, we’ve redesigned 

We want to make your online experience as positive as possible, so this first update is designed to make it easier to find the information you want, while better reflecting who we are. With the new design, you'll begin to experience the same type of real, human “Ent” connection you have with our team members in centers and on the phone. A more intuitive menu and organization will help you find the information you need more easily, and take advantage of our extensive products and services.

This initial January rollout is only the beginning. We recognize that no single Ent member is the same, and we’ve listened to your comments, including the challenges you face with our current site. Throughout 2020, we will continue our work to improve your banking and overall online experience, and we look forward to your input.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new, coming in January 2020!

Ent is deeply committed to giving back to our communities in both our time and dollars. Once again, our team members have demonstrated their personal dedication to improving the lives of others. We’re thrilled to announce that Ent employees raised a record-breaking $241,306 to help families and individuals in need throughout the communities we serve in our 2019 United Way campaign. All funds raised came from voluntary payroll deductions and extensive, employee-led internal fundraising efforts. Our team has raised more than $100,000 a year for United Way over the last 12 years, putting their hearts and energy into serving the communities in which we live and work!

Learn more and apply at