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From the CEO

Looking Back, Looking Ahead.


image of two young kids smiling behind masksWhile last year tested all of us in ways we couldn’t have anticipated, like you, we kept going. Thanks to decades of financial prudence, we were fortunate to still be able to provide significant financial relief to members, help our neighbors and open our 42nd service center. 2020 may not have been what any of us asked for, but there remains so much to be thankful for.

We feel so fortunate that we’re able to continue to expand — offering greater convenience and award-winning support to members and future members across Colorado. And while we may have changed our pace, history shows that businesses that continue to grow are more likely to both survive and thrive. So we choose to grow and continue our mission to improve the financial lives of all Coloradans.

We’re grateful for our team — so dedicated to serving you that they creatively and adeptly navigated hurdles to ensure we could continue to serve you safely. And we’re honored to be able to deliver on our mission to support so many members and communities during unprecedented times.

And most importantly, we’re thankful for you, our owner-members. You’ve been patient when we had to adapt how we served you. Your loyalty to Ent never goes unnoticed and we hope you feel the devotion our entire staff has for you.
Looking ahead, we’ll remain far-sighted and prudent to keep Ent strong and growing for you. And we’ll keep seeking ways to help our members and our neighbors along the way.

Chad Graves
Chief Executive Officer

2020 Look Back

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Deferred Loan Payments

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Emergency Loans

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COVID-19 Relief

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Fire Relief

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New Service Centers

Coming January 31st

In addition to earning great rates on Ent Extras Checking and Savings accounts throughout 2020, another reward is coming soon!

On January 31, 2021 (after 7 p.m. MT), Ent Extras Owner Rewards earned last year will be paid. If you qualified, watch your Ent Extras Savings account for your payout.

Along with better loan rates and lower or no fees for services, Ent Extras is just one more way we put money back in our owner-members' pockets. Enjoy!

The first part of the year is a really good time to start an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Why? According to experts, if your money is in an interest-bearing, taxable account, you'll lose some of those earnings to taxes throughout the year. But if you put it into an interest-bearing IRA early in the new year, you'll gain additional months of tax-deferred, compounded growth. Even if you have a 401(k) or another plan, an IRA can still be a powerful retirement savings tool.

Both Traditional and Roth IRAs offer tax and other advantages. How to choose? Generally, a traditional IRA is better if you expect your tax rate (which is typically tied to your income level) will be lower in retirement. That way, you'll pay a lower tax rate when you make withdrawals. On the other hand, if you expect your taxes to be lower now and higher when you retire, a Roth IRA may be a better fit.

While opening an IRA is easy, there are additional rules and nuances that could impact your choice. Talking with a certified financial advisor can help you understand what may be best for you. You can also learn more at and the Education Center.

  ICON: Traditional IRA piggy bank ICON: Roth IRA piggy bank
Tax Breaks
Annual Contributions Allowed
Variety of Investment choices
Deduct Contributions When Made, Pay Taxes on Withdrawals Later*
Pay Taxes When Contributions Are Made, Withdrawals Are Tax-Free*

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