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From the CEO

Still Here to Help During the “New Normal”


Member Relief Programs

While the state of Colorado has shifted toward a “new normal,” please know we are still here to help if you are dealing with financial impact from the pandemic. Member relief programs remain available. To learn more about our Ent loan relief options, feel free to give us a call or log into online banking.

Fee Changes

Part of our transition process also included reinstating fees that were waived or reduced in March 2020. Our normal fee schedule went back into effect June 1, 2020. And the good news is, we were able to eliminate one fee. Thanks to a change in federal rules, the Excessive Transfers Fee (Reg. D) was discontinued. Reg. D limited the number of monthly transfers and withdrawals you could make from a savings related account before incurring a fee.

Staying Safe During the Transition

We're happy to welcome you safely back to our lobbies. Thanks to members and staff following our safety guidelines, everyone's health is better protected.

To see our most current lobby information and short safety video visit

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to follow best health practices while continuing to provide uninterrupted financial services.

Chad Graves
Chief Executive Officer

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  • Up to $700 annually in Ent Extras Owner Rewards.

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1APY – Annual Percentage Yield
An Ent Extras Checking account will earn 3.93% (4.00% APY) and savings account 5.84% (6.00% APY) dividend rate on the first $500 average daily balance. Average daily balances over the $500 will earn the lower posted dividend rate. To earn the higher rates, a member must have an Ent Extras Savings and Checking account and five (5) monthly checking transactions. Ent Extras owner rewards are based on a cumulative average of the monthly average daily balance up to a cap of $350,000 resulting in a maximum annual payout of $350 on loans and $350 on deposit (share) accounts (excluding checking) at the .10% payout rate. Ent Extras Checking required to be eligible for rewards. Rates are valid through December 2020. Restrictions apply. Program may be changed at Ent’s sole discretion. Visit Ent Extras Additional Program Information for more details.

Icon: Pen and Paper1. List All Income and Expenses

Start by gathering your financial statements. Use those to create a list of all the money you make (after taxes) and the money you spend each month. If relevant to you, include emergency cash, tax refund and CARES Act relief payment (stimulus check).


Icon: Bar Chart with #12. Evaluate Priorities

Identify your needs vs. wants. Do you have enough money to pay for all of them? Calculate how long you will be able to pay your bills. This is when prioritizing, or deciding what bills to pay first, may be necessary. Shelter should always be top priority, followed by groceries.


Icon: Ringing Phone3. Contact Lenders and Understand Relief Options

Contact your lenders to see how they can help. You may be able to skip a payment or find other forms of financial relief.


Icon: Paper with Magnifying Glass4. Re-evaluate, Document, and Plan

Continue to monitor your spending plan. As additional funds become available through payment arrangements, make sure to put those funds toward other expenses or savings.


Icon: Question Mark5. Ask For Help

If you are struggling financially, you are not alone! Don't be afraid to reach out with questions or ask for help. Ent’s financial coaching partner, GreenPath, can assist you with a plan and can speak to your creditors to find out if they have additional options to consider.

When a check is deposited into your checking account, the funds may not be immediately available to you. Beginning July 1 of this year, while the number of days it takes for the funds to be available remains the same, the amount available on some types of checks will increase. To review our current deposit availability policy, visit

All in-person events are canceled until further notice, however on demand webinars are still available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

View the full schedule and register online at