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Ent Credit Union
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Ent Extras

Earn extra cash, with no extra effort.

As Colorado's leading credit union, we're all about delivering great member value. With Ent Extras®, you earn something extra, without doing anything extra. It's just one more way we're a different kind of financial institution.

Through the Ent Extras® program members earn hassle-free annual cash rewards for their account preferences and open loans. Ent Extras® cash rewards will be deposited on December 1.

Ent Extras hassle-free rewards includes:


The Ent Extras program is subject to change at Ent’s sole discretion. Ent Extras rewards are paid each November 30 on eligible accounts and loans as of October 31. The account must have a minimum balance of $5.00 in a savings type account to receive the reward. Rewards are not paid if the account is closed on or before November 30. Rewards are dividends that are tax reportable. Eligibility and payouts are based on the current calendar year. Limit of five activated debit cards per account and HSA debit cards are excluded. Ent Extras - Additional Program Information