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You'll earn 4.00% APY on your first $500 average daily balance in checking and 6.00% APY on your first $500 average daily balance in savings*. You'll also receive cash rewards, even on loans.

  • To qualify for the higher dividends listed above, you must perform 5 monthly transactions (excluding Ent internal transfers) on your Ent Extras Checking account.
  • Visit Ent Extras Additional Program Information for dividend examples.

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Up to $700 in cash rewards

Open an Ent Extras Checking and Savings account and you could earn up to $700. Cash rewards are paid January 2021.

  • Click HERE to check out our cash rewards estimated payment calculator

Take Advantage of Ent Extras Now!

4.00% APY*

on your first $500 average daily balance in checking*


6.00% APY*

on your first $500 average daily balance in savings*


Up to $700

on your loan and deposit (excluding checking) balances.


Open now in online banking, or by calling us at 800-525-9623 or (719) 574-1100.

*APY – Annual Percentage Yield.
ADB – Average Daily Balance. For a full calculation example, visit Ent Extras Additional Program Information.

An Ent Extras Checking account will earn 3.93% and an Ent Extras Savings account 5.84% dividend rates on the first $500 average daily balance (ADB) and the current dividend rate on any balance over $500 ADB.

To earn this rate, a member must have an Ent Extras Savings and an Ent Extras Checking account. Visit Ent Extras Additional Program Information for transaction exclusions.

Ent Extras Owner Rewards are based on a cumulative average of the monthly average daily balance up to a cap of $350,000 resulting in a maximum annual payout of $350 on deposits and $350 on loans at the .10% payout rate.

Restrictions apply. Program may be changed or terminated at Ent’s sole discretion.

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