Fast, secure contactless debit cards
Sample Ent Visa Debit Card.

Tap, pay and be on your way.


Fast, secure contactless debit cards.

Thanks to Ent’s new contactless debit card, checking out is even faster! More good news: Just like Ent’s EMV/chip debit card, sensitive payment information is encrypted with every transaction. So you can pay securely.


It's so easy!

 Look for this symbol at checkouts, ATMs, and ITMs.

 Tap or hold your card near the indicator.

 You can still slide or insert at non-contactless terminals.

Will you still need to remember your personal identification number (PIN)? Yes, some merchants may still require a PIN or signature. 

We’re upgrading all debit card members to faster, touchless checkouts. Plus, new contactless cards meet updated Visa® card numbering requirements.   

Secure contactless cards make checking out and banking even faster – and touchless. Instead of inserting or sliding, you can quickly tap or hold your card near the indicator symbol. Typically, you won’t have to enter a PIN or signature.

The terms EMV and chip are often used interchangeably. EMV is a set of specifications for smart card payments and payment devices which was developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa. 

A chip card (also known as a smart card) is a standard-size plastic card with a magnetic stripe and a small microprocessor embedded into the card that contains an operating system. 

Tap or hold the card next to the indicator symbol on the terminal. Generally, that’s all you need to do. But some merchants may still have you enter a PIN or signature. 

Yes. If you don’t see the contactless symbol, just slide or insert your card.  

You can continue to use your card for all your everyday transactions. As merchants upgrade their card terminals – you may be asked to insert your card into the card reader (to activate the chip on your card) and then follow prompts. If a merchant’s card terminal hasn’t been upgraded, you’ll continue to swipe the magnetic stripe through the card reader to make a payment. 

Your process to purchase online with your new debit card will not change.

Yes, to avoid payment interruptions update your automatic payments right away. Add your new card’s expiration date, three-digit security code (on the back of the card) and the card number.   

Yes, to avoid payment interruptions update your mobile payments, like Apple Pay™, Google Pay,™ and Venmo right away. Add your new card’s expiration date, three-digit security code (on the back of the card) and the card number.  

You can see your automatic payments in your statement and your online banking history.

No, you’ll need to enter your travel notes/card controls for your new card. It’s a good idea to set them up as soon as you’ve activated your new card.

Your current debit card will close in less than 60 days after you receive your contactless card via mail.

Like your current debit card, every time you use your contactless card, your sensitive payment information is encrypted. So you can use it securely.

Call 833-285-1741 or go to And if you want, you can use your current PIN – just enter it.  

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