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Lock Your Rate. Shop for Your Home. Relax.

Apply for an Ent Mortgage and you can lock in your rate right away. Ent’s Lock & Shop total rate protection1 lets you lock in your interest rate while you’re shopping for just the right home. 

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Lock & Shop

Lock: Lock in a great interest rate for up to 60 days even before you’ve found your perfect home.

Shop: Rates go up while you’re still house hunting? No problem. Your locked rate is protected.
If rates go down below your locked rate, relax — and celebrate. We’ll give you the new, lower interest rate at no cost to you.

Lock & Shop: It’s just one more way Colorado’s leading credit union helps improve your financial quality of life. Here are a few more:

  • Experienced local mortgage loan officers and local loan decisions
  • $500 Mortgage Closing Guarantee2 – We’ll close your mortgage loan
    on time, based on the original sales contract, or we’ll credit $500 to your settlement costs at closing 

To learn more about Lock & Shop and the advantage of working with a dedicated mortgage loan officer, call (719) 574-1100 or 800-525-9623. 

Standard credit qualifications apply. All loans are subject to final credit approval. Financing on homes throughout Colorado. Property insurance, and if applicable, flood insurance is required. Consult a tax advisor for information regarding deductibility of interest and charges.
1Lock & Shop is available on fixed-rate mortgage loans, excluding all refinance types and CHFA loans. Additional conditions or exclusions may apply. Please refer to to Ent's Important Loan Information and Mortgage Rate Lock Information for more information.

2$500 Mortgage Closing Guarantee is based on the mortgage loan closing date provided in the original sales contract. This guarantee is only available on purchase mortgage loans with closing dates set for a minimum of 30 days after the original purchase contract is signed. Loan closing date is subject to receipt of completed application and required supporting documentation. Required supporting documentation must be provided no less than two (2) business days after application receipt. Loan closing is subject to underwriting approval. Closing guarantee is not applicable if: a. borrower changes loan products or terms, b. closing is delayed due to seller’s failure to close on time, c. borrower fails to meet contract requirements, d. closing is delayed due to a third party requirement, including appraisal and inspection, e. closing date is not included in the contract, f. closing is delayed due to inclement weather or natural disaster, or g. loan documentation or application contains fraudulent information. Ent reserves the right to amend, terminate or withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice. Guarantee paid in the form of a $500 credit on the settlement form at closing.