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Sending your son or daughter off to college is a thrilling new beginning.

As the official financial services partner of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Ent is pleased to offer you and your student financial services, like the Lion One Checking Account, to help ensure their success. 
Plus, when your student joins Ent, the whole family becomes eligible for credit union membership. As a member, you'll enjoy competitive rates on loans and savings accounts and lower service fees. Plus, you'll have the added flexibility of transferring funds to your student's account by phone, online or mobile banking. 

Sample Ent UCCS Lion OneCard.Lion One Checking Account is a special free checking account offered exclusively to UCCS students faculty and staff. We've partnered with the UCCS Lion OneCard program (UCCS student ID) to make money management easier and more convenient for UCCS students. Having a Lion One Checking account allows your student to combine their Ent Visa® Debit Card and Lion OneCard.

  • You can make a deposit into your student's account at over 2000 nationwide CO-OP shared branches. All you need is their account number.
  • You can mail a check directly to Ent:
    • Ent Credit Union, PO Box 15819, Colorado Springs CO 80935-5819
  • If you are a joint owner, you can get a Visa® Debit card and make deposits directly through the nationwide CO-OP network.
  • You can transfer funds with an Ent account or using a bill pay service from an account at another financial institution

It is accepted anywhere Visa® is accepted. The Ent Lion OneCard has all the versatility of a normal Visa debit card but it also has the convenience of being tied to their student ID, providing access to all their campus needs. They can use their Lion OneCard for the rec center, library and dining needs, all in one convenient card.

  • First floor of the University Center across from the Information Desk
  • Second floor of Columbine Hall, next to the coffee shop
  • In front of the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness (Rec) Center
  • Any COOP ATM, including most 7-Eleven ATMs and Costco ATMs