Hail Mortgage FAQs

Insurance Claim Process for Ent Mortgage Members

First, contact your homeowners insurance company and discuss whether a claim should be filed. Many homeowners policies do provide coverage for severe weather damage. This may include the removal of downed trees. Find out when an adjuster will conduct an inspection and when you can expect a claim check.

When you receive your insurance check, if it is only made out to you there is no need to contact Ent. However, if Ent is listed as a payee, promptly call Ent’s Mortgage Loan Servicing Department , Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time at (719) 574-1100 ext. 857 (option 4) or 800-525-9623 ext 857 (option 4). We will then explain the role Ent will play in the repair process and provide information on additional documentation requirements.

  • When the insurance adjuster's report shows minor damage and your mortgage loan payments are current, Ent will determine if the funds can be released to you to manage and pay for the repairs directly.
  • When the insurance adjuster's report shows more substantial damage, Ent will monitor repairs made to your home and assist with payment management. This process helps protect you from potential fraud or incomplete repairs. We will also provide you with written information and forms to help guide you through this process.

No, your mortgage loan's terms require that the insurance funds must be used to restore your home to its pre-storm condition.

It's important to have your roof inspected by a licensed professional who can identify areas that may need immediate repair and/or require the replacement of missing or damaged shingles.

  1. Bring it to any of our Ent locations so it can be placed on hold until the claim process is complete
  2. An Ent representative will provide you with information about the homeowners insurance claim process