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Mobile Banking Safety Tips

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More people are using mobile banking apps and websites than ever before. Many people prefer to manage their money online using a mobile device rather than visiting a local service center in person. You don’t have to deal with traffic or wait in line to use the ATM. Banking apps are as safe as the financial institutions they represent, but you need to be careful when sending and sharing your information online. Use these safety tips to enjoy the benefits of Ent mobile banking without putting your finances at risk.

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How Mobile Banking Works

Mobile banking apps offer many of the same services you’d find at our Ent service centers, including deposits, transfers, accessing your bank account information, budgeting tools and real-time customer assistance.

The first time you try to log into your account, the app will send you a text or email based on the information provided to verify your identity. The text or email should contain a temporary code. Enter this code into the app to access your information. This added layer of security makes it more difficult for someone to steal your information. They would need to know your password and username while having access to your phone or computer at the same time.

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The Ent mobile app is available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Mobile Banking Safety 101

Mobile banking apps go to great lengths to protect your sensitive information. For example, mobile apps use encryption, secondary authentication, facial recognition login and fingerprint login to protect sensitive information.

There are several steps you can take to further protect your information. Use these mobile banking safety tips to give yourself some added peace of mind:

Choose a Strong Password

It all starts with creating a strong password. It should be unique, so don’t choose a password that’s already in use. Avoid using names, phone numbers, addresses and other public information. Read our article, Is your Password Secure? Tips to Improve your Password Habits, for further tips.

Practice Good Cyber Hygiene for All Mobile Apps

Avoid unfamiliar websites, apps and programs that aren’t verified. There should be a lock symbol before the URL when you’re surfing the internet (https). When downloading apps, look through the reviews to make sure it has a good reputation. Never download an app with no reviews or poor ratings. You should never send, share or upload your personal information unless you trust the recipient.

Watch Out for Scam Apps and Websites

Cybercriminals will try to trick you into revealing your account information by posing as an app or website that’s made to look like your financial institution. The app or website may even have the logo and images as the real thing. It will then ask you to enter your banking info. If you do, you’re handing over your information to a stranger who may use it against you.

That’s why it’s so important to double-check to make sure the website or app has been verified by other users. Watch out for misspellings, formatting errors and other subtle differences that mean the website is a fake. You can always type in your bank’s URL from scratch. You should be able to find a link to their app on their homepage.

Report Suspicious Messages and Activity

If you notice a suspicious charge or get a message related to your account, report it to the company right away.

If the message is real, you will likely be asked to log into your account and change your password using multi-factor authentication. This multi-factor process is designed to prevent intruders from getting into your account. If someone tries to log in using another mobile device, you will get a message notifying you of the situation. You can then change your password to make sure your account stays safe.

Our Dedication to Security

Mobile apps can make banking and managing your finances more convenient but take steps to keep your personal information private. At Ent, we are dedicated to ensuring your financial security. We use the latest encryption technology to prevent hackers and cybercriminals from gaining access to your account.

Ent encourages everyone to practice proper cyber hygiene. We will never ask you to send or share your information over the phone, text message or email. Everything should be done using our secure mobile app, on our website or in person at your local Ent branch. If you notice suspicious activities related to your account, contact

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