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Caller ID Scams: Fake Caller ID Spoofing and Scam Likely Calls

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Scammers are using fake financial institution caller IDs to call and ask people for their banking and personal information. Bank customers and credit union members — including Ent members — are being targeted. Our members have reported getting calls that look like they're from Ent Federal or a specific Ent service center. 

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What you need to know

Here's How the Scam Works. 

Through a variety of ways, a scammer steals a bank card number. Then:

  • The scammer enters the number into an Android or iPhone digital wallet app.
  • The digital wallet app texts a verification code to the victim’s phone.
  • The scammer calls the victim, using a fake caller ID, and asks them to verify recent charges.
  • When the victim says they’re fraudulent, the scammer asks for the verification code to “confirm” the victim’s identity.
  • If the victim gives them the code, the scammer can activate the digital wallet and start spending the victim’s money.

REMINDER: Ent will never CALL YOU and ask for your: 

  • PIN number.
  • Online banking username and password.
  • CVV2 code.
  • Full Social Security number.
  • Verification code.

What you can do?

  • If you're suspicious in any way, hang up and call Ent directly at 800-525-9623. 
  • Never click on a link in an email unless you're sure it's coming from Ent.
  • Never give out the above information over the phone or via email, text or social media messages. 

Ent wants you to stay safe!


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