Use this calculator to see the impact of saving more!


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Building Savings: Four Ways to Help Increase Savings

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Saving money can feel like a challenge. Even thinking about saving – when you’re trying to pay off existing debt – can be stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be. You can start to save more by using these strategies.

Use this calculator to see the impact of saving more!


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Increase your savings by:

1. Setting up an automatic transfer in online or mobile banking. With an automatic transfer, you don’t have to think about moving the money. It just happens. You can even start small, like $5 a paycheck. At the end of a year, assuming you’re paid bi-weekly, you would have saved $130 plus dividends. If you can save $10 a paycheck, you’re up to $260! 

2. Moving your balances into a higher dividend earning account, like a certificate. At Ent, you can open a certificate with as little as $500. And, you have options. You can choose a term between 3 and 84 months...
If you’re not sure about having your money locked up, and you want a little liquidity, start with a shorter term. Once you’re comfortable having the money set aside, let it work for you by earning more in a longer term certificate with a higher dividend rate. 

3. Putting unexpected money into savings. You may earn a dividend check from a co-op, like your utility company, or you may get a gift from a family member. Consider putting money you weren’t expecting into savings – rather than treating yourself to another piece of clothing or a movie ticket. 

4. Opening a secondary savings accounts for a specific savings goal like car maintenance, a new phone, or even the next holiday season’s gifts. By setting the money aside for a specific purpose, you’re less likely to use it.


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