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Four Important Estate Planning Documents Everyone Needs

Estate planning allows you, not the courts, to make important decisions about your assets in the event you are incapacitated or deceased. Take a look at this lesson to learn about four documents that are essential to any estate plan.

Life insurance application.
 Expanded Lesson 11 min read

The Basics of Life Insurance

Let’s face it, life insurance is something that many people need, but don’t want to talk about. We’ve all seen those GoFundMe pages asking for donations for a person that passed away. It can feel strange planning for the worst-case scenario, especially if you’re young and healthy. Life insurance is a way to help prevent leaving your loved ones with the added stress of financial burdens. Whatever your reason is for thinking about life insurance, this guide will help you get familiarized with some life insurance basics to make your planning and research a little simpler and a little easier.

Stock image showing ascending stacks of coins with a plant sprout to represent sustainable investing.
 Expanded Lesson 12 min read

Investing for Good – Sustainable Investing

ESG investing, SRI, impact investing, thematic investing, stock screeners; there are many ways to invest your dollars so they’re working for the greater good. Although there are many different names for these methods, they all share the common objective of investing your money in companies that align with your values and are trying to make a positive change. This primer into the wide world of sustainable investing will give you a little back story on how the movement was started, the key differences between the different methodologies and what you need to know to get started.

A retired couple reviewing documents.
 Expanded Lesson 30 min read

Three Retirement Topics to Plan For

Retirement. You’ve spent all your life preparing, dreaming and working towards that day when you get to trade your morning commute for a cruise to the Bahamas or grab a set of golf clubs on your way out the door instead of your briefcase. Whatever your ideal retirement looks like, they should all have a few things in common: Relaxing, fulfilling, secure, etc. But what you shouldn’t have to do is worry about money or pick up extra work out of necessity or financial hardships. To help make sure that your retirement years are some of the best of your life, take these three steps towards financial wellness.

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Video: Trends in the Stock Market

Watch this video to learn more about bull and bear markets, other stock market trends, and how they can affect your investments.

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Video: Investment Vehicles

Watch this video to learn more about the different types of investment vehicles and how they can be used for different investment goals and scenarios.

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Video: Rule of 72

Watch this video to learn more about the rule of 72 and how you can use it to help plan your savings goals.

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Video: Intro to Insurance

Watch this video to learn more about the different types of insurance and how they work.

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Video: Investment Planning for Life's Major Events

Watch this video to learn how proper investment planning with an investment representative can help you plan for major events in your life.

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Video: How Does Compound Interest Work?

Watch this video to learn about how compound interest works and why's it's so important for your finances.