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Ready to get started? It’s quick and easy. When you’re in online banking, just click on ‘Join To Win $25K.’ Then designate which savings account you'll use for your deposits. Or, we’ll get you set up at any service center or by calling us at 800-525-9623.  

Your qualifying monthly deposits are automatic entries into monthly, quarterly, runner-up and grand prize drawings now through November 30, 2021.

  • Earn an entry for every $25 you save, up to a maximum of five entries per month.
  • Plus, save $1,000 in a single month and earn five bonus entries for that month (in addition to the entries already earned for that month).*

Saving always pays off!

You’ll win, even if you don’t win our sweepstakes, because saving regularly boosts your financial well-being.  

  • Finally start that emergency fund.
  • Get ready to fund tuition or retirement.
  • Make that home improvement possible.


The sooner, the better!

The sooner you start saving, the more chances you’ll have to win. To help get started, check out our free Education Center for saving tips and planning tools.

Good luck! And click here to see the official rules.


Are you a winner?

While all of our owner-members who save are winners, we call and email our sweepstakes winners at the beginning of each month. To protect their privacy, we only list first names and last initials 

Name Prize
James B. $500
Cosmo N. $500
Jane T. $500
Deborah S. $500
Adam E. $500


Name Prize
Rebecca B. $1,000
Allan P. $1,000
Teresa F. $1,000

Name Prize
Kelly H. $500
Amber T. $500
M. Park $500
Cory P. $500


Name Prize
Amber K. $500
Robert B. $500
Sarah T. $500
Laura O. $500
Deborah W. $500


Name Prize
Roxanne P. $500
Tanya M. $500
Angel L. $500
Michael L. $500
Michelle R. $500


Name Prize
Robert B. $1,000
Michelle M. $1,000
Leah C. $1,000

Name Prize
Bonnie H. $500
Kathryn A. $500
Angela L. $500
Sarah B. $500
Andrew B. $500


Name Prize
Ruben C. $500
Jayce G. $500
Niki K. $500
James K. $500
Rodney E. $500


Name Prize
Andrew M. $500
Quentin C. $500
Seth Y. $500
Roman R. $500
Diana S. $500


Name Prize
Joanna M. $1,000
Cynthia T. $1,000
Barbara T. $1,000

Name Prize
Jennifer B. $500
Jared S. $500
Britta H. $500
Monica O. $500
Marrisa G. $500

Name Prize
James G. $500
Raymond B. $500
Denise C. $500
Mark T. $500
James L. $500

Name Prize
Michelle R. $500
Kathleen S. $500
Tristan K. $500
Lorretta G. $500
Brandon M. $500

Open to Ent members only. No purchase necessary to enter. Promotion ends November 30, 2021. Members must select one savings account to make their deposits to. Members can choose from their Primary Savings, Regular Savings, Star Savings or Galaxy Savings account. Prize winnings are tax reportable. All other savings account types are excluded. Click here for entry information and official rules.

*The additional five (5) bonus entries are limited to one month during the promotion period. Bonus entries are eligible for the corresponding quarterly and grand prize drawings.