Save a little.
Win a lot.

Win up to $50,000 - just by saving money!

Building a savings habit can be life changing!


We believe that growing your savings is good for your financial well-being.

That’s why we’ve created “Save a little. Win a lot.” – a program aimed at helping you establish a regular savings habit. By saving a little each month, you have through November 30, 2020 to win cash prizes!

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Rewarding you for saving

  • Earn an entry for every $25 you save, up to a maximum of five entries per month
  • Save $1,000 and earn five bonus entries for that month*
  • Monthly entries count towards monthly, quarterly, runner-up and grand prizes

The earlier you start saving, the more chances you have to win, so join today through online banking, by visiting your nearest service center or by phone at 800-525-9623 or (719) 574-1100. 

Set a goal

We’re a different kind of financial institution. One that believes in the power of saving. By saving a little each month, you can start to pave the way to your financial freedom:

  • Pay down debt
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Save for college education or retirement
  • Set aside savings for large future expenses
For tips on saving and financial wellness, visit our Education Center for more information.


Save a Little. Win a Lot. Winners

Name Prize
Jamie M. $1,000
Christina M. $1,000
Antonio L. $1,000
Moses O. $1,000
Ann G. $1,000

Name Prize
David M. $500
Jeffry B. $500
Evan M. $500
Bruce T. $500
Andrea M. $500
Amy D. $500
Russell M. $500
Julie B. $500
David B. $500
Edward P. $500


Name Prize
Katherine K. $500
Nathan R. $500
Jeffrey M. $500
Martha K. $500
Brian G. $500
Dawn R. $500
Edward V. $500
Pamela A. $500
Ian C. $500
Doreen D. $500


Name Prize
James B. $500
Patrick D. $500
Peggy H. $500
Amy L. $500
Mickelene H. $500
Andrew C. $500
Richard P. $500
Kimberly N. $500
Courtney F. $500
Michael L. $500

Name Prize
Christine B. $1,000
Sean C. $1,000
Anna B. $1,000
Matthew R. $1,000
David A. $1,000

Name Prize
Keith P. $500
Jacquelyn O. $500
Christopher J. $500
Bailie L. $500
Marjorie B. $500
Kimberly R. $500
Michael L. $500
James N. $500
Megan M. $500
Theresa D. $500

Name Prize
Jeffrey W. $500
Virginia M. $500
Tessa P. $500
Cordell D. $500
Mary A. $500
Crystal G. $500
Kenneth M. $500
Marcos C. $500
Victoria W. $500
Steven H. $500

Name Prize
Rachel S. $500
Michael D. $500
Sharron T. $500
Philip K. $500
John T. $500
Nathan B $500
Corina A. $500
Andrew H. $500
Ian C. $500
Jason W. $500

Name Prize
Jay V. $1,000
Vanessa B. $1,000
Alton O. $1,000
Juan R. $1,000
Timothy L. $1,000

Name Prize
Kaitlynn D. $500
Timothy L. $500
Kayla B. $500
Shevelle M. $500
Billy H. $500
Joshua A. $500
Michael R. $500
Virginia B. $500
Karl W. $500
Billie G. $500

Name Prize
Jeffrey E. $500
Richard F. $500
Kristin A. $500
Justin O. $500
Andrea M. $500
Adam B. $500
William F. $500
Michael H. $500
Cristal B. $500
Joshua A. $500

Name Prize
Carlos G. $500
Fidencio T. $500
Stacy B. $500
Yobany R. $500
Corina S. $500
Benjamin W. $500
James P. $500
Jana B. $500
Edna J. $500
Jeff H. $500

Open to Ent members only. No purchase necessary to enter. Promotion ends November 30, 2020. Members must select one savings account to make their deposits to. Members can choose from their Primary Savings, Regular Savings, Star Savings or Galaxy Savings account. Prize winnings are tax reportable. All other savings account types are excluded. Click here for entry information and official rules.

*The additional five (5) bonus entries is limited to one month during the promotion period.