Ent Extras

Ent Extras: Every Loan. Every Year.

Each year, open loans as of October 31 will receive a loan rebate. Ent Extras annual loan rebates are automatically deposited in November into your primary Ent savings account.

Ent Extras annual loan rebate amounts are:

  • $75 per mortgage loan
  • $50 per home equity line of credit
  • $25 per auto, recreational vehicle or motorcycle loan
  • $10 per personal loan or line of credit

Bring your loans to Ent and take advantage of the annual loan rebate and other loan-specific Ent Extras benefits, including:

  • A loan payment grace period. Our minimum 10-day loan payment grace period helps you avoid late payment fees.

  • Alerts to remind you when your loan payment is due. Alerts and Push Notifications are easy to set up in Online and Mobile Banking.

  • Other Ent Extras benefits:
    – New mortgage loans receive a $75 home improvement gift card after loan closing.
    – Auto, recreational vehicle and motorcycle loans receive an annual  Skip-A-Pay* option.
    – Personal loans receive an annual Skip-A-Pay* option.
    – No pre-payment penalties.

The Ent Extras program began in 2014. It is subject to change at Ent’s sole discretion and is not available on Corporate Loans. Ent Extras rebates are paid each November 30 on eligible open and funded loans, including Home Equity loans in repayment, as of October 31; accounts must be open and loans must not be past due in order to receive rebates. Rebates are dividends which may be tax reportable. Business Auto Loans receive Auto Loan Ent Extras benefits and Business Lines of Credit receive Personal Line of Credit Ent Extras benefits. Ent Extras - Additional Program Information

*Skip-A-Pay is an optional program that allows you to defer a qualifying consumer loan payment for a $20 fee per skipped loan payment. Skip-A-Pay is available on consumer Auto, Recreational Vehicle, Motorcycle, and Personal Loans. Your loan must be open for a year to be potentially eligible for this benefit. Other qualifications apply. Finance charges will continue to accrue at the rate provided in your original loan agreement during and after the payment deferral. Deferring your payment(s) will result in higher finance charges and will extend the term of your loan(s). You will be required to resume your regular monthly payment(s) the following month. Offer subject to change at Ent’s sole discretion.

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