Private Banking

Customized financial solutions and personal service for your Ent accounts, facilitated by your personal Private Banking Specialist.

Private Banking relationship requirements:

Members with a combined personal and/or business relationship with more than $300,000 in deposits qualify for Private Banking.

Private Banking benefits:

  • Customized loan solutions  
  • Complimentary services:
    • One annual safe box rental (any size, subject to availability)
    • Official checks and money orders
    • Stop payments
    • Domestic incoming and outgoing wires
    • Notary and signature guarantee services
    • Checks 

Ent’s Private Banking Specialist: Sheri Gagliardi, Private Banking Specialist

Sheri Gagliardi, Ent’s Private Banking Specialist, provides high-touch, personal service and can assist you with scheduling regular reviews of your financial needs, customized loan solutions, insurance options as well as complimentary deposit products and services. 

Let Sheri help with all your Private Banking needs. Contact her at (719) 550-6837 or at
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