Car Shopping Tips

Now that you’re ready to shop for a used car, remember to:

  • Inspect the Vehicle: Check a CARFAX report to look for possible past vehicle damage. Understand that most privately-sold vehicles are sold “as is.” Consider taking any vehicle you’re interested in purchasing to a trusted mechanic for an inspection, and ask the seller for maintenance records.
  • Verify Title: Make sure the vehicle has a clean title by visiting , and make sure to test drive it in different conditions.

Private Party purchases can be stressful and intimidating if you’re not prepared. Review our checklists for information that can help you buy or sell a vehicle with confidence.

Visit the Education Center or the Ent YouTube channel for more tips on auto buying, and remember to consider price, budget and insurance before committing to a purchase. 

Four cars - a black car, blue car, red card, and white car.