Buying a Car

When buying a car consider:

  • Price: Use an auto loan calculator to determine the loan amount and interest rate you can afford, as well as your maximum loan amount.
  • Budget: Plan your budget, whether using a spreadsheet, pencil and paper or online tool to ensure you have the monthly funds available for your new auto payment and additional costs relating to an auto like maintenance and registration.
  • Insurance: Consider what your insurance needs will be - Car Insurance; GAP Insurance, which pays for the "gap" between what you owe and what your vehicle's worth in case of an accident; Mechanical Breakdown; or Disability Insurance.

And remember to factor insurance into your overall monthly payment.

Couple car shopping and shaking hands with a salesman.

Before shopping:

Start narrowing down the vehicles you’re interested in buying by checking:

Review Tips on Car Shopping, and follow the Ent YouTube channel for more information.