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Home Equity Lines of Credit

Your home makes so much possible.

A Home Equity Line of Credit is a smart choice for home improvement projects, covering major expenses and even funding a college education. It's flexible financing with low payments and fixed or variable rate options.

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An Ent Home Equity Line of Credit offers:

  • No closing costs for qualified borrowers**
  • Low, interest-only payments during the draw period; and a fully amortized repayment period
  • No application fee or cash advance fee
  • Ent Extras, a hassle-free annual reward, only at Ent

A line of credit gives you easy access to the funds you need to enjoy life. For instance, if you finance a $35,000 kitchen remodel, your monthly interest-only payments would be approximately $126*.

Put your equity to work.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Lowest rate shown is for well qualified borrowers and includes an Ent automatic payment and electronic disclosure discount and loan to value of 80% or less. A standard HELOC in the amount of $35,000 at an APR of 5.24% during the 120 month draw period will have estimated monthly payments of $155.76. At the end of the draw period the 180 month amortized estimated monthly payment is $281.23 and total estimated finance charge of $15,620.84. This example is calculated based on no change to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as reviewed at the start of the repayment period.

**Home equity lines of credit are eligible when the credit union controls total payoffs equaling $25,000 or more to other creditors and available for loan requests for up to $70,000 when the loan to value ratio is 70% or less. No refinancing of Ent loans. If the line of credit is paid off and closed within 36 months, borrower will be required to reimburse closing costs. Closing costs may range form $100-$1000. Other restrictions may apply. Higher loan to value options available.

Standard credit qualifications apply. Loans subject to final credit approval. Financing available on owner-occupied homes throughout Colorado. Property insurance is required. Consult a tax advisor for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges. Please refer to Ent's Important Loan Information and HELOC pre-disclosure for more information. 

Your home makes to much possible. Smart financing is ready for whatever you need. Home Equity Lines of Credit - Ent Credit Union.

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