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Video: Tips on How to Manage your Money in College

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Between classes and studying, Ent gives you seven tips to help you manage your money during your college years.

Video Transcript

College Money Management Tips

  1. Do the math. Create a budget using a money management tool.
  2. Separate needs from wants. Pay for your needs first and save for your wants.
  3. Develop a relationship with a local financial institution. Learn about:
    • ATM and branch locations.
    • Rates.
    • Fees.
    • Basic Requirements to get a loan.
  4. Set up a checking account. Learn about student accounts which could save you money.
  5. Build good credit. Use, don’t abuse, credit cards.
  6. Do your homework on loans and financial aid. Visit with a financial aid advisor.
  7. Consider a job for extra money. But make school your first job.

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