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Three Tips to Stay Ahead of Skimming

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Don't let thieves steal your card information. Use these tips to help minimize your risk of debit and credit card fraud.

Avoid Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Card skimming is the theft of information from your debit or credit card. Thieves frequently try to attach a small device to the inside of a debit/credit card reader, typically at fuel pumps, ATMs and stores. While these devices are often undetectable, there are ways you can minimize your risk of a debit or credit card compromise.

1. Watch the Swipe. Look for anything out of place and use point of sale systems and well-lit fuel pumps that are in line of sight of the sales clerk. If something looks out of place, use a different pump, self-checkout machine or ATM and notify the attendant or sales clerk.

2. Monitor Your Accounts. Check your monthly statements, monitor your account through online/mobile banking and set up alerts in online banking, to automatically notify you of transactions. If you don't recognize a transaction, notify your financial institution immediately. For all the ways to monitor your account visit Ent's Online and Mobile Banking page.

3. When in Doubt. Trust your gut! If you doubt the security of a card reader: pay cash, pay inside, or go elsewhere.

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