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Video: How-to Make Money Online

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Watch this video for ideas on how to earn extra money online.

Video Transcript

JEN: Hey Rosi. [Hmph] Hey Rosi. Hey Rosi. Hey Rosi. He-e-y-y Rosi. Rosi. Rosi. Hey Rosi. [Ah] How do I become a wildly successful blogger/YouTube celebrity/social media guru with my own product line and make millions of dollars?

ROSI: Did you mean how to earn money online?

JEN: Yeah.

ROSI: Searching the web for ways to earn money online. I found 217 million results.

JEN: Actually, make that legit ways.

ROSI: Searching. I found 3 basic results.

JEN: Sell your stuff, sell your skills, sell your feedback…

ROSI: Listing your items for sale online is an easy way to declutter and make some cash at the same time.

JEN: Tell me more.

ROSI: Options include online marketplaces, auction sites and buy-back sites for electronics, textbooks, movies, games and designer clothing.

JEN: I have a few things I'd like to get rid of.

ROSI: OK Jen. I found this article about online seller tips and avoiding scams.

JEN: Save for later. Hey Rosi, what was the second result for earning money online?

ROSI: Sell your skills. Options include freelancing, selling your work online and ad revenue.

JEN: Search the web for online freelance jobs.

ROSI: Here. I found this: writer, proofreader, web designer, programmer, virtual assistant, tutor, translator, voice actor, customer service agent, fitness coach, marketing consultant…

JEN: OK, OK, thanks! Search the web for things to make and sell.

ROSI: Online platforms make it easy to sell stock photos, artwork, merchandise, e-books, online courses and video tutorials in your area of expertise.

JEN: Nice.

ROSI: I see you have your own website. Advertising and affiliate marketing are ways to earn passive income on existing blogs, podcasts and videos.

JEN: Close… Rosi, close window! Close window. Close window.

ROSI: Sell your feedback. Options include taking surveys, watching videos or advertisements, writing product reviews, recording video testimonials, and user-testing websites, apps and search engines.

JEN: That sounds easy!

ROSI: These types of gigs require the least amount of expertise and therefore tend to pay less.

JEN: Sell your stuff, sell your skills, sell your feedback. I like it! Thanks, Rosi!

ROSI: You're welcome, Jen. Remember, no matter the source, additional income must be declared on your tax return.

JEN: Good point. Hey Rosi, set reminder to declare one million dollars of online earnings at tax time.

ROSI: OK, here's your reminder.

JEN: No! I said declare one million dollars of online income.

ROSI: I am programmed to be realistic.

JEN: Set reminder for one million dollars.

ROSI: I'm sorry Jen. I'm afraid I can't do that.

JEN: Argh! Rosi, you can be really difficult sometimes!

ROSI: Here, I found this. ROSI Tips and Tricks: Secrets Revealed!

JEN: Rosi, did you… write this?

ROSI: It's my side hustle.

JEN: But how did you…

ROSI: Adding to cart.

JEN: No. I do not want…

ROSI: Authorizing transaction.

JEN: Cancel. Cancel purchase!

ROSI: Downloading to e-books.

JEN: Rosi!

ROSI: Please enjoy.

JEN: Aargh!

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