Fee Reimbursement

Your Fee(s) Reimbursement

Due primarily to a default software setting of which we were unaware of, you were charged overdraft and/or insufficient funds fees between March 4, 2016 and October 22, 2019 on debit card transactions, such as:

  • Non-PIN, signature-approved debit card transactions: Although the account balance was positive at the time of the transaction, it was negative at the time it was paid by Ent resulting in a courtesy pay charge.
  • Merchant processing: If merchants made multiple attempts to collect payment on an ACH and/or draft (check) transaction, more than one courtesy fee for the same payment may have occurred.

In addition to reimbursing all fees, we have changed our processes to avoid future occurrences.

Your reimbursement was deposited into your account the evening of November 26, 2019. While we believe our member agreement allowed for the charges in question, the way the fees were assessed isn’t consistent with our values, nor were they policies we would have ever intentionally created. We are truly sorry. That is why we are reimbursing all the fees in question. Reimbursements will also include interest on the total fee amount if your impacted checking account earned dividends.

Our goal is to always do right by our member-owners and we are grateful this was brought to our attention.  



Signature for Matt Gendron

Matthew J. Gendron  
Chief Engagement Officer