What We’re Fixing, What We’re Bringing Back.

In addition to technical issues, we’re hearing that many of you really liked some of the old features. We hear you. And we’re working to bring back some things you loved as well as fix what’s wrong.  

What's Live

  • Health Savings Account – added as a payment option 
  • Money Market Account – added as a payment option 
  • ‘Pay From’ account listing – choose the account you’d like to use for each payment 
  • Payee list – alphabetized by nickname (if you’ve added one) or company name 

What’s Coming Back

  • Aggregate payment total – an at-a-glance total of all scheduled payments

What’s Improving

  • Scheduled payments display – redesigned for easier review and tracking  


See below for tips and answers to frequently asked questions:

While most billers and scheduled payments automatically transferred over to our new Bill Pay tool, some may not have.

Important for everyone: please log in and review your scheduled payments and payees to ensure they were transferred over correctly. Confirm the address in Bill Pay is the same address listed on a recent billing statement.  

If you sent an electronic payment, the funds came out of your account on the “Pay Date” you selected during scheduling. Payments sent by check came out of your account when the recipient cashed the check.

In the new Bill Pay system there is a symbol next to each of your billers that indicates how the payment will be delivered. A lightning bolt indicates an electronic payment while an envelope indicates the payment will be sent by check.

Screenshot of the icons that show whether a payment is being made electronically or by check. The icons show an envelope and a lightning bolt.

Most payments will be received by the biller on the "Pay Date" you select when scheduling. To set up new payment rules, access the "Make Payment" tab within Bill Pay.

Screenshot of the main Bill Pay page on Ent's online or mobile banking. This screenshot shows where members can make a payment or change a payment.

The previous 13 months of your paid bill payments will be available in your Transaction History. The previous 6 months of payments will be visible in “Recent Payments” within Bill Pay.

No updates are needed to use the new Bill Pay in our mobile app.

eBills are electronic versions of paper bills that arrive in your Bill Pay account just like a paper bill would arrive in your mailbox. When you sign up for an eBill, you agree to allow us to access to the biller’s website on your behalf.

For security reasons, we were unable to transfer this authorization to the new Bill Pay system. 

Now that the upgrade is complete, you must reconnect your eBills. Note: different companies ask for different information. Often, this information is included in a bill or a profile you previously created. 

Your billers transferred over, but for your security, we do not store passwords for your connected eBill accounts on our system. Now that the update is complete, you need to reconnect each account with an eBill. Note: different companies ask for different information. Often, this information is included in a bill or a profile you previously created. 

Screenshot that shows how to enroll a payee in eBills through Ent's online or mobile banking.

No, you will need to reestablish automatic payment rules after you reconnect your eBills. 

We partner with many billers to provide eBill access, but some payees are not able to send eBills. We will continue to work with payees to update their options.

Beginning Nov. 18, 2020, all funds needed to cover a payment must be available one business day before the payment date or the payment won’t be made.

For example, if you schedule a $50 payment for Nov. 20, 2020, but only have $40 in your account on Nov. 19, 2020, the new software will then pull funds from:

  • Your overdraft source account(s) which you had the option to choose when opening your account. Overdraft transfers from these accounts are free. To view or change your current overdraft source(s), within online banking select ‘Services’ and then ‘Overdraft Protection.’
  • Courtesy Pay, which is an optional service you can sign up for, with a $30 per item fee.

If there are not enough funds from the sources above, the payment will be declined and you will receive an email notification.

To access your payment history within Bill Pay from February 2020 – July 2020, please see below. For earlier payments, exit Bill Pay, click on your account and select Transaction History.

Per Month – click on arrow to select month needed to view the payment history.

View of Bill Pay Landing Page in Online Banking

Per Biller – Select Manage Payees.

Manage Payees, Multi Pay Tab, Select Payee

Click on the arrow to the right of the payee you want to view.

List of Payees: Utilities, Trash, Internet, JCP Rewards Credit Card, Kohl's, Target, Ent

View last six month’s history.

Manage Payee view and Payee Activity view within Bill Pay in Online Banking.

Where can I see the status of future payments I’ve already scheduled?
Click the forward or back arrow to select the month you want to view.

Payee amount by Month view in Online Banking.

On the left, you’ll see the scheduled payment date, payee and a payment status symbol.

Symbols: Lightning bolt icon - Payment is made electronically. Envelope icon - Payment is made by check and sent through the mail. Hourglass icon - Payments in Pending or in Progress status. Circled Number Icon - Number of billers scheduled for payment in the same day in the Calendar view. Green check mark icon - Payment has been delivered.

To view in a calendar format, select the blue calendar icon.

Bill view in calendar format.