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Business Online Banking is flexible, secure and convenient.
Best of all, it's free.

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With Business Online Banking you can:

  • Use tiered authority to give different users at your company access to different functions within Online Banking. Learn more...
  • Create a Portfolio of all your Ent business accounts - and you can even include your related personal accounts. Learn more...
  • Get account balances and review account history
  • Initiate domestic and international wire transfers
  • Make one-time and recurring transfers between accounts in your Portfolio
  • View and print check images – both sides
  • And more!

Ready to get started with Business Online Banking? Contact Ent Business Banking at (719) 550-6770 or 800-525-9623 ext. 6770 for a brief system overview and to receive your unique username and password.

Free Bill Pay

Forget about writing checks, sealing envelopes and buying stamps. With Bill Pay, you can:

  • Pay your bills online – anytime, anywhere
  • Pay one bill at a time, schedule payments in advance or even set up recurring payments
  • Set up "bill reminder" emails
  • And more!

Tiered User Authority/Permissions

Business Online Banking users can be set up with different access levels, to allow you more control over the various types of online transactions that can be performed by individuals within your business. Business Online Banking's tiered authority system allows you to control which of your business’s online banking users can:

  • View Balances and History on select accounts
  • Perform transfers on select accounts, including the ability to establish daily and total transaction limits, as well as transfer approvers
  • Perform Wire Transfers, including the ability to establish daily and total wire transfer limits, wire transfer approvers and releasers
  • View eStatements and Tax Documents
  • Perform Stop Payments
  • And more!

Portfolios of Related Accounts

Wouldn't it be nice to access all your Ent business accounts - and even your personal accounts - with one Online Banking username and password? Now you can – with Business Online Banking's Portfolios feature.
As long as you have ownership of the accounts, the Portfolios feature will allow you to access two or more Ent accounts within the same Online Banking session.

Ask your Business Banker about setting up an Online Banking Portfolio of Related Accounts for you today!

Wire Transfers

Use Business Online Banking to quickly and easily initiate domestic and international wire transfers, at your convenience.

Challenge Questions

You may not even realize it – but you have a routine of when and how you access Online Banking: the computers and web browsers you use, the time of day, even the city and state you are accessing the internet from. When you log on to Online Banking outside of your regular routine we will ask you a Challenge Question to verify your identity before you are able to view your account information online. We will also ask you a Challenge Question from time to time (around once a month), even if you are accessing your account within your regular routine, for added online security.

For you, answering these previously answered questions will be easy. For an unauthorized user, these answers are difficult to guess and should stop them from accessing your account.

Setting Up Challenge Questions within Online Banking

Add this additional layer of security to your account in two easy steps:

  1. Select 3 different Challenge Questions from question lists that we provide (or use our "Create your own question" feature to personalize your questions).
  2. Provide your answers to the questions you have selected.

Email Alerts

Keep an eye on your account's activity with account-related email alerts delivered right to your inbox!

With Email Alerts, you can set up any number of event triggered alerts, including:

  • When your account reaches (or goes below) a certain balance.
  • When a Deposit / Loan Payment of a set amount is posted.
  • When a Withdrawal / Loan Advance of a set amount is posted.
  • When an Electronic Deposit is posted.
  • When a specific check number posts.
  • And more!

To set up alerts on your accounts today, select the "Email Alerts" tab within Online Banking.


eStatements are the easiest way yet to keep track of all your transaction activity. And they're free within Business Online Banking.

With eStatements you can:

  • Get statements sooner (eStatements are available within the first few business days of the new month)
  • And, view up to two years of statements online, at any time

QuickBooks® Download

Business Online Banking allows data files (.qbo files) on individual Share/Loan IDs to be downloaded from within the website, for import into QuickBooks.

For detailed instructions on how to download and import data into QuickBooks, please review our QuickBooks Download/Input Instructions document.

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