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Consolidate your debt with HELOC rates as low as 3.00% APR.*

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Put your home's equity to work.

Whether you’re consolidating debt or making an upgrade, ask us how a home equity line of credit can help. With rates as low as 3.00% APR* now is a great time to make your equity work for you.

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What can I do with a HELOC?

  • Consolidate debt
  • Make home improvements
  • Cover college tuition costs
  • Pay for other big expenses

Standard rate plan features:

  • Fixed rate during 5-year draw period
  • One-time rate adjustment at start of 15-year repayment period

Variable rate plan features:

  • 10-year draw period
  • 15-year repayment period

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate.

Lowest rate shown is for well qualified borrowers and includes an Ent automatic payment and electronic disclosure discount, and combined loan to value of 80% or less. Payment examples are calculated based on the WSJ Prime Rate as of 03/16/2020 and an internal margin.

A variable rate HELOC in the amount of $50,000 at an APR of 3.00% during the 120-month draw period will have estimated interest only monthly payments of $127.40. At the end of the draw period, the 180-month amortized estimated monthly payment is $346.15 and total estimated finance charge of $12,306.97. The annual percentage rate will never be higher than 9.90% or lower than 2.75%.

Higher loan to value options available. Closing costs apply. Standard account and credit qualifications apply. Loan subject to final credit approval and may require verification of income. Financing available on homes throughout Colorado. Property insurance is required. Consult a tax advisor for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges. Please refer to Ent's Important Loan Information and HELOC-Predisclosure for more information.