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Small Steps to Start Saving

Saving money isn’t easy – if it was, we’d all be doing it. The benefits of saving money are more than fiscal. Having a safety net, a cushion or a nest egg will reduce the stress you feel when the unexpected happens .

For many of us, the steps to building that cushion seem too big to take. They don’t have to be if you break them into small steps.

  1. Make a budget. If you cringed at reading “budget” you’re not alone. It might not be fun, but it is necessary to understand where your money’s going and how much is coming in.
  2. Start with small changes. Consider taking your lunch to work instead of eating out. Bring coffee instead of buying it .
  3. Play mind tricks with yourself. Start an automatic deposit – direct deposit from your paycheck or an automatic transfer from your checking every payday. If you don’t see it, you can’t spend it.
  4. Stash the cash. If you receive a bonus or other cash windfall, determine what amount should go to savings, to paying off debt, and then to spending.

Lastly, consider saving as “paying yourself” instead of spending as your “just reward.” 

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Small Steps to Start Saving - Ent Insights Article