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Connections: Ent's Quarterly Newsletter

From the Chairman

View Your Financial “Big Picture” with Ent’s Money Insight

We are pleased to introduce a new, free tool designed to empower you in your relationship with your money: Ent’s Money Insight.

Now available within online and mobile banking, Ent’s Money Insight lets you quickly and easily view all of your financial information — across financial institutions — in one place, with features that can help you manage your expenses, create and monitor your budget and set goals for the future. And, perhaps most importantly, it includes easy-to-understand visuals that can quickly help you spot
opportunities at a glance.

How can Ent’s Money Insight help you? Research shows that almost one half of US adults are feeling anxious about their financial future. With their current expenses, some people may not believe they are able to save for the unexpected or for a long term goal like a home or even retirement. From identifying spending trends, forecasting when loans will be paid off or even tracking your net worth over time, Ent’s Money Insight can ease your concerns by giving you a clear picture of you where you are today — while supporting your longer term financial success.

As an organization committed to helping you improve your financial life, we hope you find value in this exciting, powerful new tool and its ability to have a positive impact on your finances.



Steven R. Fuscher
Chairman, Board of Directors